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"Robin and Gilly  looked after us exceedingly well. Communication was excellent, prompt and useful. Excellent briefing on arrival, congenial and relaxed, with an early introduction to the house wine.We really enjoyed the way the notes were written – it added significantly to our enjoyment of the walk"

- Pam and John Winter, Australia


18 Birchwood Road
London SW17 9BQ
Telephone: +44 (0)20 8835 8303
Website: www.walkingplus.co.uk
Email: info@walkingplus.co.uk


Between them, Gilly and Robin speak English, Greek, French and German. They themselves lead group walking on Naxos and Amorgos, and provide local backup and support for the self-guided programme on Naxos, where they live for much of the year. They have devised, researched and written all the self-guided routes and work closely with local route managers on Amorgos, Paros and Tinos. Gilly and Robin are qualified first aiders under the Remote Emergency Care programme.

Walking Plus is the only locally based walking tour operator on the Cycladic islands of Greece, and the only operator offering self-guided walking holidays. The company was founded in 2002 by husband-and-wife team Gilly and Robin Cameron-Cooper, who lived in Greece when Robin worked for the country's leading advertising agency. His first career, though, was in the Army, where he developed the navigation skills that are essential when plotting the self-guided routes.
Gilly is a journalist, and author/contributing editor of illustrated reference books. Her researching, reporting and writing skills ensure that the self-guided notes are clear, easy-to-follow and interesting to read. When based in Athens, Gilly produced a weekly magazine covering aspects of Greek culture and travel, and wrote articles for the Athens News, Odyssey, and The Athenian magazine. Recently published books include several children's books on mythology, Walking London's Waterways, Beatrix Potter's Lake District, and various newspaper articles (see NEWS, REVIEWS, ARTICLES)

Panos Psichogios, our route manager on Amorgos is a farmer, landlord and professional walking guide. A native of the island, he is passionately involved in sustaining its cultural and environmental integrity, and particularly interested in the island flora.

Lambros Hatsilarkos is our Paros route manager. He taught English for many years in the island's secondary schools, when he often hiked 20km cross-country from his home to school just for fun. Lambros has a wide network of friends all over the island, including several former pupils, is an expert on Paros life past and present, and on the countryside's edible plants.

Charlie Merlin is an experienced walking guide who introduced the Cameron Coopers to walking in Greece. He lives on Tinos and provides the back-up there as our local route manager. Charlie is Greek-Austrian, and speaks Greek, German and English fluently.

"Lambros was An Enormous Asset to the entire experience. He was absolutely responsible and dependable. Knowledgeable about the island and he provided invaluable support and a wealth of anecdotal information."
-  Ross Tulloch, UK

"Charlie was very helpful, always available, great relationships with locals"

- Ian and Brianna Swan, Hong Kong

WALKING PLUS is registered with www.responsibletravel.com.



WALKING PLUS aims to introduce customers to the natural, cultural and social environment of the locations where it operates, to increase guests' knowledge and appreciation of Greece, and to encourage them to take positive steps in conserving vulnerable natural resources and minimising damage to the environment.

We live and work in a beautiful, culturally important and relatively unspoilt part of Greece, where a traditional rural way of life persists. We want our customers to share this experience, to introduce them to local people, history, mythology, landscape and wildlife while having the least possible adverse effect on the environment.

We aim to provide a healthy, relaxing and enjoyable holiday, while acknowledging that we, the company and our customers, are guests in Greece, and owe a debt of gratitude to the local people. We aim to participate as far as possible in the welfare of the island environment, and to respect and support the local communities and their culture.

“Walking Plus is an excellent venture.”

– John & Mary Jane Messenger,
customers 2007 & 2008 & 2009


"Wonderful support from Gilly & Robin; we felt welcomed and cared for" 

Susie Meyer & Georgina McKay, New Zealand

WALKING PLUS LIMITED, REGISTERED IN ENGLAND No. 4545861.  Registered Office: Bank Chambers, 156 Main Road, Biggin Hill, Kent TN16 3BA
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